Running has gathered a lot of feet in India. In a short span of time it has tied in various people from varied walks of life, to its lure.

Here’s rounding up the bold and beautiful of the running world, that made 2017 a tad sweatier and a lot more sexier.

1. Shibani Gharat

Sexiest Indian Runners - Shibani Gharat
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Always on the run, journalist, storyteller and runner, Shibani Gharat always has her back pack packed and camera fully charged.

Shibani has been a finisher at the 72km Khardungla Challenge in Ladakh, and is also a Taekwondo practitioner.

Sexiest Indian Runners - Shibani Gharat Instagram

2. Abhijeet Singh

Sexiest Indian Runners - Abhijeet Singh
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An adventure photographer, acro yogi, climber and runner, Abhijeet is a Salomon India and Simond athlete.

A forerunner in ways more than one, Abhijeet is also an engineer and an alumnus of the prestigious MICA, Ahmedabad. 

Sexiest Indian Runners - Abhijeet Singh Instagram

3. Anupriya Kapur

Sexiest Indian Runners - Anupriya Kapur
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A successful blogger, model, single parent and runner, Anupriya Kapur is an inspiration for countless Indian women.

Caught up in the abyss of suicidal thoughts born out of postpartum depression, Anupriya found her cure in running. She now writes about her life journey ever since, on MOM ON THE RUN.

Sexiest Indian Runners - Anupriya kapur Instagram

4. Amit Mehta

Sexiest Indian Runners - Amit Mehta
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This ultra runner from Bombay is driving the running scene in India like no one else. A fitness devotee, Amit is the flagbearer of sustainability and veganism.

Founder of Unived – India’s premier sport nutrition company, Amit’s strong value system also shows in Unived’s products and business ethics.

Sexiest Indian Runners - Amit Mehta Instagram

5. Monica Becerril

Sexiest Indian Runners - Monica Becerril
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Runner and entrepreneur, Monica works alongside her partner Amit, at building India’s premier plant based nutrition company – Unived Sports. 

She is also a regular at ultra running events across India, including the Malnad Ultra, which Unived also supports.

Sexiest Indian Runners - Monica Becerril Instagram

6. Ayesha Billimoria

Sexiest Indian Runners - Ayesha Billimoria
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A professional athlete who competed in the nationals for 400m running event, Ayesha is also a model and captain of Adidas Runners Mumbai.

She nurtures an Olympic dream, training for the 10kms category currently.

Sexiest Indian Runners - Ayesha Billimoria Instagram

7. Kieren D'souza

Sexiest Indian Runners - Kieren Dsouza
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India’s ace ultra runner Kieren D’souza is part of the Indian ultrarunning squad. A professional running athlete, Kieren has races as the UTMB CCC, Spartathlon and LaUltra under his belt.

Kieren currently resides in Nasogi, Manali. Training at altitude for elite ultra races held around the globe. He is supported by Volini, Azani, Unived Sports and Suunto.

Sexiest Indian Runners - Kieren Dsouza Instagram

8. Chetan Sehgal

Sexiest Indian Runners - Chetan Sehgal
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Most people in the running scene are well acquainted with the ‘Cruelest ultramarathon on the planet’ – La Ultra, The High. But only a select few know who runs it. Chetan Sehgal a runner himself, manages the event which has earned La Ultra its exalted rank among the running elites.

Sexiest Indian Runners - LaUltra Instagram

9. Nivedita Samanta

Sexiest Indian Runners - Nivedita Samanta
Image Source: Nivedita Samanta

An Adidas Athlete/Ambassador and running coach, Nivedita also mother’s an adorable Beagle pup Po.

Through her running Nivedita also raises awareness about HIV and Orphans. And supports The Naz Foundation.

Sexiest Indian Runners - Nivedita Samanta Instagram
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Sexiest Indian Runners – 2017

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