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Igloos and their dwellers have for long been the source of our fascination. Even since the time we read about them in childhood. For long, we have believed that Igloos can only be found along the polar caps of the globe.  Inspired by the intriguing nature of these Igloo homes, some companies in metro cities of India also tried to make ice cafes which caught the attention of a few, but it was still a far-fetched dream to provide the customers with an authentic Igloo stay experience away from the hustle bustle of the city. Till 2 months ago, Manali Igloo Stay too, was one such dream only.

But this year, for the first time in India authentic Igloo stays have been developed for tourists, paving way for Igloo tourism in India. Nestled in the picturesque Hamta Valley in Manali, these Igloos have been assembled by two snow skiers in Manali. They plan on attracting tourists who want to experience something unique and different from the standard packages offered by the travel operators in the mountains. Considering the fact that Igloo stay in Himachal Pradesh is quite an unconventional tourist destination and this is a seasonal offering (for as long as the snow doesn’t melt away) this might just be the best time to visit Kullu Manali. This is the time when the valleys at lower altitude offer a scenic horizon and at the same time it also offers an opportunity for the visitors to experience a stay in an ice home.

Manali Igloo Stay, India’s First Igloo Stay Destination | 4Play

The Igloo stay comes as a package deal for takers. While the primary offering is a one night stay inside the Igloo, the makers also offer 3 meals of local cuisine along with some really soothing folk music and a warm fireplace. Not only this, just in case the tourists are feeling a bit too cold in the snow, they will be surprised to see that the operators have arranged for snow suits so that, they don’t have to buy extra layer of clothing or miss out on fun. A joint dining area and bonfire also enriches the experience of the visitors. Each Igloo has a capacity to accommodate 3 people but just in case you’re travelling there as a couple, they’ll allot an Igloo for two people as well. Also if you opt for the premium package, you can even indulge in activities like skiing, snow walking, snowboarding as well. What’s more, you needn’t worry about gear and equipment. Organisers take care of everything that one may need for such an excursion. This premium package is priced at INR 5999 per head.

Manali Igloo Stay, India’s First Igloo Stay Destination | 4Play

The Igloos are expected to hold good till the end of March or, maybe even till mid April. One can make a booking onlineThe location and the experience promise to live upto the expectations of the customers. Something one will remember and cherish for a very long time. You can also have a glimpse of the site and the experience at UNWIND.

Himanshu Aggarwal

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Manali Igloo Stay, India’s First Igloo Stay Destination

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