8 step climbing workout training guide

  1. Start with the Sirsasana (Head stand) to stimulate blood flow.
  2. Graduate to a pre workout skipping session, to warm up. Add a twist with Cross overs and Double Unders.
  3. Use a Theraband for focussed stretching and strength training, to work on specific soft tissues and muscle groups.
  4. A campus board may help in strengthening the fingers and the core. Go for uneven pull up, and campus circuits. Move up and down the rungs.
  5. Fingerboards are best utilised for focussed finger strength training. Choose from an array of slopers and crimps to develop specific strengths for your projects.
  6. Bakasana (Crane position) may be helpful in developing balance and strength in shoulders, arms and wrists.
  7. Simple planks and variations such as the Superman and Side plank may help in the strengthening of the core and activation of its stabilisation muscles.
  8. Unwind with a flute jam to practice and control breath.

Author: 4Play

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Climbing Workout 101: Training with Sandeep Maity


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