Bangalore man jumps into Ganga from 70 feet, and survives

Bangalore man falls into river Ganga, from a 7 storey high bridge. Miraculously survives |

12th May, Rishikesh: Gokul Ramachandran is a resident of Chandapura, Bangalore. Last week he was holidaying in Rishikesh with his friend Pravin. But it wasn’t a holiday like any other.

Gokul, a trained canyoning instructor was actually on a trip to the upper reaches of Himalayas to explore cave systems, gorges and canyons that he could descend into. This, he said was to expand the scope of this barely practised adventure sport in India.

For the uninitiated, canyoning is an advanced form of – hiking through a canyon. Wherein, one utilises specialised gear and techniques to rappel off waterfalls and steep sections, involves swimming, sliding, jumping, route finding; and may even involve packrafting to travel through the entire water course

Gokul, who worked as a software engineer in the USA was introduced to the sport while there. So strong was the draw of canyoning, that he quit his job and started pursuing the sport professionally. After instructing people in the Los Angeles and San Francisco region for several years, Gokul decided to move back to Bangalore. Here he started the Bangalore Adventure School in 2016, to promote canyoneering in India.

Currently, the school runs several programs to coach people in basic trekking to advanced canyoneering. Gokul envisions that in the future he’d be able to bring his advanced students to the new locations he has scouted in the Himalayas.

You can learn more about the Bangalore Adventure School, here:

As for the jump into Ganga, Gokul rappelled off a suspension bridge in Byasi (near Rishikesh), to demonstrate a commonly used manoeuvre in canyoneering.

Interesting, isn’t it?!

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Sukrit Gupta

Author: Sukrit Gupta

An avid climber, ultrarunner and day dreamer, Sukrit is a fan of everything that is self-managed and solo. A flag bearer for self sufficiency and pushing beyond limits, he loves to spend his time slithering over rock faces and devising cruel trail running courses in his mountainous backyard in Manali.


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Bangalore man jumps into Ganga from 70 feet, and survives.

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