Review: Simond Chamonix Chalk Bag Vs. Wildcraft Chalk Bag


Climbers like to keep their fingers dry, especially when they are in action. Sweaty fingers can cause serious trouble. You might lose grip or in a worst case scenario you may fall, injuring yourself. That’s why to keep their fingers dry, climbers carry chalk. Chalk is carried in a pouch like bag that has mouth wide enough for you to put your hand inside with ease. There are many chalk bag options available but here we are going to discuss about two widely used chalk bags – Simond Chamonix Vs. Wildcraft Chalk bag.

Here we go:

Size :

We have already established, the bigger the better. Chamonix here is at an advantage when compared to the Wildcraft chalk bag.

Opening :

Bigger mouth opening means you can easily put your hand in or out of the bag, even during tight spots. Chamonix bag with an ample mouth, is definitely at an advantage as compared to the Wildcraft pouch.

Material used :  

Inner material used in the Chamonix bag is soft brushed fleece. So when you pull the cord to close the mouth of bag, it completely seals up. Thereby reducing any chance for spillage to zero. But that’s not the case with the Wildcraft bag. When you pull the cord to close the mouth it doesn’t pack completely, so there are chances for some spillage.​

​​Brush Spot :

Both bags have a loop where you can place the brush.​

Waist belt :

​Only the Chamonix comes with a waist belt.

Price :

Chamonix chalk bag is priced at INR 600 which is a bit costlier than the Wildcraft chalk bag selling at INR 400.

Final blow :

If you don’t mind shelling a few hundred bucks extra the Chamonix chalk bag is a better buy.


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