Review: Evolv Ponta Climbing Shoes

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Evolv Pontas are designed by Chris Sharma and one thing is for sure, he really knows how to use rubber. The rubber used in the sole is neither too stiff nor too soft which makes them stick well on rocks. Pontas are considered suitable partner for first timers or people who are still trying to figure out their climbing style. Let’s see what makes them so popular among most climbers. And while we are at it, let’s point out what could be improved.

Here we go:

Pros :

  • Pontas works well for various climbing styles. Doesn’t matter if you are out for bouldering or multi-pitches, they perform well all-around.
  • Toe box is made of leather, which means it will expand and mould according to the shape of your toe.

                  Tip:  It is advisable to buy a size smaller than your actual size.

  • Evolv has used velcro on the shoe. Which makes it really easy and obviously fast to remove or put on the shoe during quick breaks between climbs.
  • Velcro makes it easy to adjust the grip on your foot.

Cons :

  • Pontas have a flatter profile, and are not at all aggressive.
  • The heel on the shoe need a little improvement as it doesn’t stick well.

Final blow :

Evolv Pontas work well in multiple terrains. We really hope they will make the heel more stiff and pronounced. Overall this is a versatile pair, easily available in India.


Author: 4Play is India’s first adventure sports channel which curates stories from the outdoor extreme and adventure sports. An outcome of roughing it up in the outdoors, living on the cutting edge of what may be termed as extreme, and basking in the experiences that came along.


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