4Play Residency Programme

This is your opportunity to get inducted into Filming and Photography in the outdoors.

Hone adventure photography/film making and editing from the team behind 4Play films and videos. (Along with rope work, rigging, rappelling and other techniques that make you self-sufficient on a shoot in the outdoors)

Observe, interact, and learn condensed pro knowledge from 4Play athletes and its associates about their sport and fitness.

Accompany the team on personal/client project(s) to get hands on experience of the action we execute, capture and produce. Direct/shoot/edit a dedicated adventure sports film under 4Play’s guidance. (Kick start your career with a certification)

Needless to say, get addicted to the 4Play way of living the day; climbing, slacklining, hiking, trail running, bouldering, sport climbing. [Note: List is not exhaustive]

Duration: 3 weeks

Location: 4PLAY Office, Manali.

Prerequisite: Basic to intermediate fitness and endurance level.

Price: INR 35,000/-

Fill out the application here to get shortlisted.


1. Applicants currently pursuing academic/vocational studies can avail a discount.

2. Food and Accommodation will be provided for by 4Play.