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Partnership Solutions

Although we make available traditional media solutions, we offer even more creative ways to make a partnership work.

Product Placement 

The product or service can be woven into the stories we produce. Told in mediums comprising videos, text and photographs.

Picture branded merchandise used by athletes . Or using your gear to produce our content. Using your gear to climb a mountain. Shooting at your location. Or using your cab services to get to a climb. Unlimited Possibilities here. Let us work something out for you.

Custom Content 

Content produced entirely as per your specifications.  

Digital Activation 

From social media to 360 degree marketing. Our gurus are a one stop shop solution for digital activation solutions.


If we can put you in our videos, we can surely host you in our shop. Reach out to a highly targeted audience through a futuristic video marketed gear and travel shop.

Athlete Activation 

Engage the top athletes from the fraternity, through our solid industry based network.

Event Production 

Partner to produce high quality on ground and online events. From conceptualisation to execution. Let us take the load off your back.

Product Testing 

Engage highly placed testers to review and test your prototypes. Or better still, submit a finished product to our review section.

Our Edge


We bring to the fore untold stories from the nooks and crannies of our outdoors and, produce one-of-a-kind content.

Targeted Audience 

We DO NOT promise big numbers. However we DO promise numbers that are relevant to you. Reap higher returns with higher conversion rates.

Attractive Pricing 

We have some of the best rates in the industry. And we can even work arrangements other than cash. Ping us for a quote.

Joint Ownership 

Own our content. Use it in ways not limited by our platforms. Picture private client pitches, hosting on your own website and promotions at your events.


We make industry wide engagement of professionals (such as athletes and filmmakers) fast, easy and reliable. Work with our vast and time tested network.

Cross Pollination 

Automatic promotion of sponsored content across a variety of platforms, through our content syndicate. Maximise exposure.

Check out a sample approach in our kit of partnership solutions.

Advertising Solutions


Nothing’s more prominent than videos. Use our content to place pre rolls, banners, sponsorship intros or any other form of video advertisement under the sun.


Use the canvas of our digital and on ground properties to place highly targeted display advertising. From banner ads on website to event sponsorships.


Engage us to produce custom creatives. Be it graphic or text.

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