Whistle in the Dark – Ultra Trail Running Project

When the runners for Ultra running are on the rise,trail running in Indiais still a nascent sport. A niche of a niche sport that finds few signs of existence in an unconducive environment for adventure sports in India. Trail running means a combo of running and hiking across trails. Not to be confused with Mountain trail or fell running, trail running involves running stretches of around 15kms unlike traditional marathon distance of 42kms.

Whistle in the dark is a self-planned and self-organized run which challenges the routine races and competitions that have a fixed circuit, no new developments, security measures in place. It aims to up the ante and challenging oneself to push limits with a constant reminder of a penalty for committing mistakes. The Pindari run is an 80 kms trail run (to and fro) around mountain spurs leading to Pindari glacier at 12,300ft. Sukrit undertook the run and completed the same in 16 hours with 14hours of bivouac due to erratic rains, and prowling bears during the night.


Author: 4Play

4Play.in is India’s first adventure sports channel which curates stories from the outdoor extreme and adventure sports. An outcome of roughing it up in the outdoors, living on the cutting edge of what may be termed as extreme, and basking in the experiences that came along.


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