Bengaluru, Grind City – Skateboarding in India

Skateboarding in India is still in its nascent stage but the sport is emerging with more and more people getting hooked to the sport by the day.

Do you remember the first time you laid your eyes on a skateboard? What changed, did it give you a new perspective?

For Jules Von Chacha it was momentous.

The video talks about Jules Von ChaCha, a French skater whose love for skateboarding brought him to India. Here he talks about his journey, shares his experiences with skateboarding and how it plays a major influence in his life.

The story of Jules defines his love for skateboarding. Know about how this Frenchman found his way to India and why he feels that skateboarding is a good tool for life.


Author: 4Play is India’s first adventure sports channel which curates stories from the outdoor extreme and adventure sports. An outcome of roughing it up in the outdoors, living on the cutting edge of what may be termed as extreme, and basking in the experiences that came along.


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