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Bouldering in Chatru should be on one’s bucket list. Located high up in the Himalayas, it is a paradise for climbers. Discovered in year 2000 by a British climber named Pil Lockey, this climbing arena has gained eminence over a decade. Not only is this place a heaven for climbers but also a retreat for non-climbers as well who just want to cut off from the world of technology and worries. A plethora of granite boulders are present to satiate boulderers’ climbing fetish. Ranging form 5 to 8 grade routes are present between the area of Chotadhara and Chatru. The area has been such excellently explored that, Pil even made toposheets to describe the rocks and routes. One such guidebook containing the toposheets is available with Lal Singh Rawat (the local host who has been running a Dhabha since 1985 at such a high altitude).

Bouldering in Chatru is as exciting as Hampi bouldering, specially due to the quality of rock. If you are super motivated for climbing, you do not need any mountaineering or climbing courses per se. Just reach here and everything will fall in place.

This video brings out a perspective of both climbers and non climbers alike for this place and shows how pertinent it is to visit and see this place at least once. Every year people from around the globe come to Chatru to climb, meditate and let go off their worries. Situated on the banks of a river in Spiti valley, this moonscape exists in another realm where peace is a denominating element. The area has beautiful summits and passes which are close by and are at a day’s walk. So even if one doesn’t wish to climb, he/she can bask in the natural beauty of the landscape.


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