CAREERS – 4Play Media & Communication LLP

We are actively on the lookout for talent.

People with a love for outdoors, looking for an unorthodox work lifestyle.

May apply.

Headquartered in Manali, work profiles at, involve a dream lifestyle in the mountains, lot of outdoorsy travel, chances to meet some of the most amazing people in sport and media, and provide ample time  to pursue personal projects (and secure sponsorships too!).

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Our workstation.

Positions Available

Role: Full time/Contractual

Requirement: Ability to deal with unconventional, never seen before, absolutely insane footage from the outdoors.

Just a heads up, in case you’re considering an application.

Role: Full time/Contractual

Requirement: Balls! (and of course, skills with the lens).

Assignments require frequent dangling from cliffs, negotiating impossible terrain and tailing some of the craziest people on the planet, among other perks.

This is how we forge our gold!

Drop in a word at with the ‘work profile’ as the subject line.