India’s Original Adventure Sports Channel

4Play is India’s original adventure sports channel that has been a very personal outcome of roughing it out in the outdoors, living on the cutting edge of what may be termed as extreme, and basking in the experience that came along.

Conceptualised in Nainital (India) the idea was simple and straightforward. To bring to the fore, stories from the subcontinent. Ranging from adventure to extreme sports to exploration and conservation.

Our domains of work are summed up in the acronym F.O.U.R.

ind about adventure and extreme sport stories

wn the latest in gear and equipment through the best deals in our gear shop

nwind with one-of-a-kind truly adventurous getaways

eviews that keep you informed and updated about the sport and pursuits in the outdoors 


Teja - Co-Founder and Administrative Lead | 4Play


Co-Founder and Administrative Lead

True to his Gaddi descent, Teja is a complete badass when it comes to doggy style. A seasoned mountain person that he is, Teja guzzles Sukrit’s trail run records for breakfast, loves chasing Kalij pheasants uphills and down, befriends leopards, and knows the jungles of Kumaon on the back of his paws.

At he manages Administration and Human Resources. Ensures a perennial supply of enthusiasm among the team and serves us our daily dose of inspiration.

Write to him on for some good hearted banter, reaching out to the ‘right person’, advice on pet food and equally delicious poop stories.  

Anuj Khurrana - Production Lead | 4Play


Co-Founder and Production Lead

A true two stroke fan boy, Anuj has restored an enviable fleet of RX100s, RXZs and many other dirt and street legends. An adventure tourer to the bone, he has scaled the length and breadth of the country for months on end, without a single penny in his pocket. His perspective is colored by the myriad of experiences from his time on the road, or dabbling with outlandish ventures as running a street food cart.

At he assumes more roles than one, handling storyboarding, direction and editing.

Contact Teja If you want to reach out to Anuj for food talk, cinema, creative planning and blind date proposals.    

Kshitij Gupta - Creative Lead


Co-Founder and Creative Lead

A ‘no big deal’ by his own admission, Kshitij is someone truly grounded in modesty. From basketball to football to 10K runs, he is a master of everything that requires balls or footsies. An Andaz Apna Apna nerd, he whiles away time learning card tricks and swimming strokes off youtube.

At, Kshitij serves as the creative torchbearer, planning content, media, networks and operations.

Contact Teja If you want to reach out to Kshitij for movie nights, party plans, pitching stories, and unending sarcasm.

Sukrit Gupta - Marketing Lead | 4Play


Co-Founder and Vision Lead

An avid climber, ultrarunner and day dreamer, Sukrit is a fan of everything that is self managed and solo. Our flag bearer for self sufficiency and pushing beyond limits, he loves to spend his time slithering over rock faces and devising cruel trail running courses in our mountainous backyard in Manali.

At he looks after Marketing, Social Media, Sales, and every spot in between.

Contact Teja If you want to reach out to Sukrit to hook you up for arduous climbs, marketing proposals, or a glassful of peanut butter shake.

Utkarsh – Production Associate

Social network was his reality now his way of life. Into all teams of production, marketing and kitchen. Camera crew of the camera crew. Budding slackliner, climber and photographer.

Sheelajeet(aphrodisiac) substance abuser and has a fetish for gadgets.

Soumya Sahoo - Design Lead | 4Play

Soumya – Design Lead

A self-proclaimed artist. Messenger of the Hindu God of creativity Saraswati. He works to improve the aesthetics of the 4play space.

Half Baked illustrator, climber, writer, architect, entrepreneur, gastronomic explorer, also suffers from Attention Deficit Hyper-inactive Disorder. Soumya lives to observe, learn and preach through his art.

Himanshu Aggarwal | Corporate Business Head

Himanshu – New Business Initiatives

Himanshu is yet another version of cliched story where the protagonist leaves high paying job to pursue his dreams.

A theater connoisseur at heart, he loves weaving stories and presenting them to people. Big time foodie and part time traveler, he loves meeting new people and visiting new places.

Shantanu – Digital Marketing Lead

The most approachable member of the team. He can easily sort your website along with your life and other troubles. Shantanu Works behind the matrix to help 4play with his SEO hacks.

During non working hours he babbles like a brook, Has a severe case of Dessert cravings also an Anime muncher.

Ashray – Production Associate

Lives life on his three legged abiities of Legal Logistics and Laughter.

Can please people or crush their skulls with his bare hands. Legend has it he was born of ashes and moves mountains in spare time.

Master of the ancient science of Indian cinema. Method actor is an alumni of Dehradun. Does backflips with hairline precision.

Abhilash – Web Lead

A Player, mostly with computer codes, who does scientific ballsdeep research. Works behind the scenes to give users a polished experience in the virtual realm.

The daily roaster’s infectious humour and lethal comebacks have a potential of scarring people for life.

Prashant - Creative Lead | 4Play

Prashant – Creative Lead

Exemplary comical genius. Writes darkest of the scripts with a vision that is brighter than light. He hypnotizes his victims with his wicked video plots ready to be hatched. Religious cult-movie practitioner infamously plays the devil and angel to the naïve.

Prashant aka Bhattzigar is the living remake of the Hindi movie Baazigar.

Praveen – Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach for the fatasses of 4play. Climber, Mountaineer, Rescue man.

Fueled by Haryanawi logic in the outdoors. Masochist and a Body Abuser. Gets great satisfaction by pulling off unconventional pursuits that are unbelievable and at times borderline foolish.

We at 4Play have been repeatedly asked that why do our team mates have a beard?  We thought of liberating the people off their dilemma, by doing what we are good at. Making films.

So we produced a short, quirky humorous video on why beards make this office a fun place to work at. Catering to gender equality, creative processes & human insecurities. 

If you like the video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, and comment to tell us what you think about it. Also, subscribe to our channel for amazing outdoorsy content.